Based in the beautiful, rolling hills of the High Weald in East Sussex.


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Hoads Farm has always been at the fore front of the free range poultry industry...


In addition, to our own high standards for quality control and welfare all of our eggs are produced under the British Egg Industry Council ‘Lion’ Code. The British Lion Code denotes eggs produced to a stringent Code of Practice incorporating the latest research and advice on Salmonella.

We are also members of the RSPCA Freedom Foods scheme setup to ensure high welfare standards through their five freedoms code. Their five freedoms are as follows;

– Freedom from hunger and thirst
– Freedom from sickness and disease
– Freedom from fear and distress
– Freedom from pain and injury
– Freedom to express normal behaviour




We understand the importance of being able to trace were your food comes from. As such, all of our eggs are labelled with a ‘Best Before’ date, Production Method (1=Free Range, 0=Organic), Country of Origin (i.e. UK) and Farm ID. Used in conjunction with our Quality Control procedures we can trace every egg back to the exact flock and date it was laid. Likewise, because we only ever sell free range eggs you can always feel assured that you are getting the genuine article.

Egg Codes

Quality Control

We are constantly striving to ensure that we supply the freshest and tastiest free range eggs to our customers. This not only means adhering to highest industry standards, but also implementing our own unique standards of quality control. Our recently built on-farm Packing facilities not only provide a safe clean environment, but also incorporate the very latest automated crack, blood and dirt detections systems. In addition, periodic checks are made throughout the day and eggs from each flock are tested weekly for protein and yolk quality.


Hoads Farm Free Range eggs are predominately available throughout the South-East of England, in Asda, Morrison’s, Sainsburys and Tesco, in addition to numerous independent retail outlets.

Customers wishing to stock our eggs are asked to complete the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page. Please ensure, you include the following details when getting in touch – Name, nature of business (i.e. retail outlet, wholesaler, etc), location postcode, and quantity (dozen). We will then endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.



Egg Sizes

Egg sizes are specified under strict EU guidelines.


Eggs are one of nature's most perfectly balanced foods, containing all the protein, vitamins and minerals essential for good health. As such, they are a good choice as part of a healthy balanced diet.



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Our office and Packing Centre are open from 8am to 5pm Mon-Fri. All orders must be placed prior to collection. Please try to include Flock ID (i.e. 1UK54321) found on egg shell, for all queries relating to purchased Hoads Farm eggs.